So Many Knitted Things

I have had lots of knit-related things going on in my world!  Weasley Family Sweater crunch time, knitting related birthday gifts, and lots of knitting middle schoolers!

I have finished two sweaters, and just have to seam the arms on one. The only one left is the one for my Dad, who happens to be the largest. Why I saved him for last I’m not sure…I don’t want to put finished pictures up yet for two reasons: I want the recipients to see them first, and I want to get pictures of said recipients in them for the finished photos. Maybe even a cheesy awkward wooly family shot or two. I do have some in progress pictures though.


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It’s been a while! Though there hasn’t been much blogging, there has been lots of knitting. The weather here is finally cooling down a bit. We have had a few days that have actually felt like fall, and it snowed above the bench! Snowbird is supposed to open the 22nd and I am pretty jazzed about it. Today it is back to 70 but sometimes it’s nice to have it warm in the city but winter up above. Salt Lake is cool in that way; I could climb and ski on the same day if I wanted to. It has been cold enough to want to knit a lot, and knitting a lot is ok with me!

The Weasley Family Sweaters are coming along pretty well, but I think I need to pick up the pace a bit. I am about finished with the body on Emily’s and I love it so much. This is one that I will have to knit again for myself. I should be done with the body today and can move onto the sleeves.

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French Fry Knitting

When I first started reading knitting blogs I didn’t quite understand when people referred to certain projects as “potato chip knitting”. Do you eat chips while knitting it? That seems messy and greasy, though it would combine two of my favorite things–knitting and snacking. I came to realize that these bloggers meant that knitting the specific pattern was like eating potato chips; it’s impossible to stop. Just one more chip, or just one more row in knitting’s case. Now, I like potato chips and all and I may have gotten irrationally excited a few weeks ago when I found out my grocery store carries Cape Cod Chips, but there are far superior snacks. Namely, french fries. I can call it quits with chips fairly easily, they don’t beckon me to eat more and more. Fries on the other hand, I could perhaps eat all day if I had a delectable condiment and I paced myself. I decided that my version of potato chip knitting had to be french fry knitting. And I found my first pattern that fits the bill.

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Weasley Family Sweaters

Harry Potter haters might want to avoid this one. And find a soul. But that’s neither here nor there.

Growing up, my sisters and I made references to The Burrow when talking about the home we grew up in.  Loving ones. But our family home certainly has distinct resemblances to the Weasley Family’s home. It was and still is, a catch all for friends and neighbors. My parents are great cooks, and the fridge always has beer in it. People seem to figure this out. And remember it. The house doesn’t suffer from a lack of fun or activity. Instead of live garden gnomes there are neighbors’ dogs and plant eating deer…and plastic lawn flamingos. Rather than a ghoul moaning and banging on pipes in the attic, there is my Dad swearing and banging on frozen pipes outside. Kids sledding down the back hill instead of playing Quidditch. You get the idea. Oh and the stuff–there is a lot of extra stuff in the house. If there was a possibility to magically add floors and rooms like the Weasleys did, it would have been done. It is absolutely The Burrow in all the best ways. Which must make us The Weasleys! As any HP aficionado knows, the Weasleys each received matching sweaters for Christmas. While it would be good fun to each have matching sweaters with our initials on it, I decided to let everyone pick a sweater pattern instead! Continue reading “Weasley Family Sweaters”