Striped Sunday

I have a pile of finished objects to show. A few of them have been done for a while but I haven’t updated them on Ravelry or shown them off here. I have been so delinquent about posting I decided to do a few separate posts rather than flood you with pictures and information. I’ll put a couple up today and couple tomorrow.

Up first is Vasa. I started this last summer and finished it up this past winter, and have worn it quite a bit. I hope to get some pictures of it on, because it looks much better on a body.

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Cast On Fever

I spent the last week and a half in Idaho guiding raft trips and seeing friends.¬†While we were there the weather was perfect, and aside from getting absolutely annihilated by mosquitoes, it was a really great trip. I brought a pair of socks with me to knit but I did zero knitting on them until the ride home, when I decided I didn’t like them and ripped them out to start over…really productive. I think because I didn’t knit much on my trip I have had the urge to cast on everything since.


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