I lucked out and got to test the beautiful Bristleyew headband from Buckaloo View. It’s knit out of worsted weight yarn, and it took just about 35 grams of yarn. It would be a great gift knit, you  could churn them out pretty quickly and make 3 or so from a single 100 gram skein. It might also be a nice way to use a single skein of yarn you’ve been coveting. 

I used the leftovers from my Amberle Shawl and they worked beautifully. The yarn is Julie Asselin’s Nurtured in the colorway Irma which I loved knitting with the first time around and I love even more now. It’s squishy and rustic and cables beautifully. She dyes it in the wool and then has it spun at Green Mt Spinnery which is just a hop skip and a jump away from here. The colors are subtle and heathered which I think might just be my favorite type of coloring. 

The pattern would work equally well with a smooth worsted spun yarn, it might be really pretty to use a yarn with some sheen (or some of Liesel’s naturally dyed yarn). The pattern is well written, easy to follow and includes charts and written directions. This is one of those patterns that is well worth buying to me, I’ve only knit one headband but I’ve already got requests for about 4 more. I can see myself knitting it many more times. 

I like the size of it as written, but it would be really easy to adapt to be bigger or smaller. Using fingering weight and small needles could make a nice summer weight headband. Oh the possibilities!!

We also had a pretty fun evening getting pictures of this. We ran into my favortite neighbor while we were getting dinner, and after a gin and tonic or two everyone wanted to model the headband in his new ’68 vw Bug Convertible. 

No adult beverages for this middle schooler

My sister even took a sneaky video of me pretending to drive it that you can see on instagram

All in all, Bristleyew was a great knit and a great photo shoot as well. Go get yourself a copy of the pattern!