Tanks On The Mind

It’s been beautifully sunny and warm here the last few days. I think that’s coming to an end this weekend, all the snow that we didn’t get this winter is forecasted to come now as we enter rafting season. Great for water levels, bad for morale. The current weather has got me really wanting to bust out my flip flops and cast on for some tank tops. It’s great timing because I know that Shannon has her Tanks Tees and Tops KAL happening soon!There are a couple in particular that are on my mind…

The Cordia Tank by Kerri Blumer


Lena by Carrie Bostick Hoge


Togue Pond by Pam Allen


Another Linum by Bristol Ivy?


Or the Split Back Tank by Allison Griffith

split back

I think it’s safe to say I am really digging linen. I have knit a few linen tops and I love the way they wear. It’s not my favorite fiber to knit with–I find it really unforgiving on my hands and also on any mistakes or uneven stitches. Linen really forces me to be precise which is good for the finished object but not so good for my patience level while knitting. I love the way linen feels and wears so much that I’ll knit with it as much as I need to. There’s one top here in particular (ok two) that I have been thinking about knitting literally for years. Maybe it’s time to finally pull the trigger and make it (them). What’s your vote?