Beekeeper’s Quilt

About a year ago I saw a blog post somewhere about the Beekeeper’s quilt and was totally enamored with it. It looked like a crazy quilt, granny square hybrid that somehow managed to stay outside the realm of looking like the afghans that hang over the back of sofas in 70’s sitcoms. Not that I wouldn’t use one of those bad boys to wrap myself up burrito style–if I had one I would be in it now– but I thought if I made one I wanted it to be more modern.  I think I bought the pattern the instant I saw it, but didn’t start it until a few months later. Continue reading “Beekeeper’s Quilt”


So it’s been a little while. I think I am finally recovering from my Christmas knitting. I am happy to say that I almost finished all the Weasley Family Christmas Sweaters, but I think it really wore me out. I couldn’t quite finish my Dad’s on time, I only have a bit of the sleeves to go but the thought of knitting more of a sweater makes me sort of want to put something sharp in or around my eye. I’m surrounded by needles so I’m actively trying to banish the thought. I will finish up my Dad’s sweater, but any other sweaters I make in the near future will be knit slowly for the sake of my sanity. I think that blogging about the sweaters hung in my mind as something else I had to complete in order for them to be truly done. I didn’t feel like I could write about anything else until those were documented–which is ridiculous because who is the knitting blog police? Is someone going to come to my house brandishing especially sharp dpns and poke me mercilessly until I blog about the sweaters? NOPE! At least I hope not, though I am quick and I have a big dog if it comes to that. So, more for myself than anyone else, I declare that I will not be writing about the Weasley Family Sweaters until the day I can think about sweaters again. Which is not today.  Continue reading “oops.”

Travel Knitting


Two socks have come into existence as a result of some long hours on planes and in cars. When I flew to NY a few weeks ago I had a pair or socks for my mom started and I finished one while I was there. Nasty child that I am, I let her wear it for a bit, then snatched it back so I could make a matching one. That didn’t get finished while I was at home, so it came back to Utah with me.  Its twin is proving more difficult to knit. I finished the cuff and part of the heel flap and then cast it aside like last year’s My Little Pony on Christmas morning when something more glittery came along. That shiny new object was…..

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Sock Machine

I have been trying to churn out socks like nobody’s business. Two of the kids I nanny for turned 7 this past weekend and requested socks. I was right on track making them, but suddenly added two more socks to the mix and now I am behind. Eek. There are two twin girls and a boy who is 2 years older, which is the same lineup with my family–younger twin girls and a two year older sibling. So naturally, being the older sibling I have a soft spot for the non-twin who also requested socks…so four socks turned into six pretty quickly. I was hoping to bring the finished socks to their party yesterday but I couldn’t make it happen. I should be able to have them done by tomorrow, and hopefully there will be three happy kids to go along with the socks.

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Cast On Fever

I spent the last week and a half in Idaho guiding raft trips and seeing friends. While we were there the weather was perfect, and aside from getting absolutely annihilated by mosquitoes, it was a really great trip. I brought a pair of socks with me to knit but I did zero knitting on them until the ride home, when I decided I didn’t like them and ripped them out to start over…really productive. I think because I didn’t knit much on my trip I have had the urge to cast on everything since.


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