Purple Reign

I have big knitting plans for this fall…which I will get into next week when my yarn hopefully arrives. Until then, I am in a sea of purple. Last Spring I saw Antrorse¬†and wanted to knit it badly. So I did! But it didn’t turn out the way I had anticipated. I finished it in March and never had the motivation to sew buttons on it or weave in the ends. By then it was too hot to wear and I just didn’t feel all that great about it. I loved the yarn, loved the pattern, but something wasn’t right. I used Cascade Eco Wool and it is the most glorious wool. It’s soft and the range of colors are beautiful. It is pretty inexpensive and it comes in huge skeins that are 478 yards. I know I got good bang for my buck when the ball is almost bigger than my head. Granted, I have a small head, but still! It only took me 1.5 skeins to knit it. I bought the color Rainier Heather. It’s a dusky purple with other colors subtly blended in. It is a great color, I have been gravitating toward purples in all parts of my wardrobe lately. However, I think Antrorse would be better suited to a light color. The chevrons don’t show up well with the dark color. That part of the sweater I couldn’t change, but the other parts that bothered me I could! Yet another reason why knitting is a superior craft.

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