So Many Knitted Things

I have had lots of knit-related things going on in my world!  Weasley Family Sweater crunch time, knitting related birthday gifts, and lots of knitting middle schoolers!

I have finished two sweaters, and just have to seam the arms on one. The only one left is the one for my Dad, who happens to be the largest. Why I saved him for last I’m not sure…I don’t want to put finished pictures up yet for two reasons: I want the recipients to see them first, and I want to get pictures of said recipients in them for the finished photos. Maybe even a cheesy awkward wooly family shot or two. I do have some in progress pictures though.


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Knit Club!

Since the weather is cooling down, at school the kids are offered clubs during lunch and recess that they can partake in. It lets them be a part of the club as well as skip out on being outside for recess one day a week. Which is nice for them because as one student fondly said, “This playground looks like Gangster ‘s Paradise.” And indeed it does. It is literally part of an office complex parking lot with 10 ft chain link fencing, one living basketball hoop and one decaying sadly in the back. It looks like kids should be doing perimeter laps in sweats, trading contraband in the corners, and banging out pull ups on the side. If only we had a pull up bar. And as of right now the 4th-8th graders have lost their playground equipment privileges because apparently not kicking basketballs into the neighbor’s yard intentionally is a difficult idea to grasp. But I am ready to arm them with knitting needles!

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