An Almost-heirloom

I’ve always thought of family heirlooms as being classic patterns and usually white. I’m not so sure why they have to be white but in my head that’s the only option. I made an almost-heirloom. It’s got the makings of one–beautiful pattern, incredible yarn, and white of course–but it has a couple big boo boos. People talk about knitters having so much patience.  I am living proof that not all of us do.

I am the sort of knitter who loves the finished product but I really just knit because I like knitting. Which is why I sometimes forge ahead despite mistakes. Because of my dedication to the process. I’m centered like that. Haha just kidding. I have a short fuse and rather than ripping out miles of lace, I am the sort of knitter with zero foresight who will scream “LA LA LAAAAAA” in my head and pretend as if I will love a shawl with a giant blob of stitches instead of perfect lace. I am the sort of knitter who ends up with almost-heirlooms.

I bought some alpaca in Idaho last summer that was so ridiculously soft. I think I made everyone around feel it whether they wanted to or not.  I lost the ball band and I can’t remember what the farm is called but I got it at a craft market and the woman who sold it to me was probably the worst salesperson ever. She tried to convince me it was “too thin” and  wouldn’t I rather have the “nice bulky yarn right here?” I would not. It is beautiful yarn though. I looked for a pattern forever and settled on the Spice Trade Shawl. It seemed like a perfect mix of classic and geometric lace that would give me a good challenge. I loved knitting it and I will love wearing it. And hopefully someday a relative who owns it will remember my impatience fondly.



p.s. No, I’m not going to point out where I messed up. Sorry not sorry.