All I’ve been knitting since I got reunited with my stash are blankies. I’ve been taking a pretty good crack at my Beekeeper’s Quilt but wanted something with a little more instant gratification.  I cast on Garter Squish by my main man Stephen West and have been absolutely HAMMERING on it. As much as you can hammer on soft wool and wooden sticks anyway.

Beekeeper’s Quilt

It’s a free pattern and the idea of the blanket is super straightforward. Using scraps or leftover yarn, you hold a neutral color with another color and knit row after row of garter stitch, slipping the last three stitches to create a tidy looking icord edge. Pretty easy.

Garter squish blanket knitting blog

As moving makes one do, I did a lot of sweating and swearing while picking things up and putting them down somewhere else. I thought I was more or less a minimalist but I took a good hard look at the amount of stuff I’ve been schlepping around for the last five years and it is too much.  Unnecessary things must go, or be made into something else. I’ve been hanging onto bizarre skeins of unidentifiable yarn that I’ve had since I first started knitting, and now they finally have a permanent home that’s not in another bin of yarn that will require lifting at some point.

Piña, who has gone from street dog to the purveyor of all things soft and luxurious in just one short year, deems it adequately cozy.

I wrote lots more excellent sentences filled with knitting related humor but I accidentally saved the wrong draft and writing talent like this can’t be forced, also I don’t want to write it again.  You’ll just have to imagine them and laugh at how hilarious those sentences would have been.