I Made Something Naughty.

This post is not appropriate for children. Bet you never thought you would read that on a knitting blog. Actually I really don’t care if kids see this or not. Your choice. Also, in the grand scheme of naughty things, these are very far down the list. If you live in North Creek or follow me on Instagram there’s a very good chance you’ve already seen them because I am neither patient nor subtle. Have I piqued your interest?








I have been wanting to knit these FOREVER. I finally did this winter and I have been wearing them all sorts of inappropriate places…the grocery store, work, church…

Ok not church but the other two are true.

The pattern is How Cold is It by Drunk Girl Designs.  These were really fun to knit. I knit them using the two handed method for stranded knitting and it was a bit of an experiment. The first mitten I made was spot on with gauge even though the yarn I used is sport weight. I’m typically a pretty tight knitter so I think that helped. However, when I made the second mitten I must have gotten much more used to knitting that way and my tension loosened up. It ended up significantly bigger than the other one. I don’t really mind but it was so bizarre to see a (relatively) giant mitten coming off the needles when the one before was a totally different size. Lessons in gauge. I also made a couple boo boos in the colorwork but am planning to duplicate stitch over the mistakes.

20160324_201927My dad likes my mittens so much he asked for a hat with the same lettering. I changed the chart around to read horizontally and am knitting that up for him. It’s not really cold as fuck in NY anymore but I’m sure it will be again someday. When it is, we will be ready.


Cast On Fever

I spent the last week and a half in Idaho guiding raft trips and seeing friends.¬†While we were there the weather was perfect, and aside from getting absolutely annihilated by mosquitoes, it was a really great trip. I brought a pair of socks with me to knit but I did zero knitting on them until the ride home, when I decided I didn’t like them and ripped them out to start over…really productive. I think because I didn’t knit much on my trip I have had the urge to cast on everything since.


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