I grew up in a whitewater household. My parents own a rafting company, and from a young age I knew the ranking system of rapids like I knew all the spells in Harry Potter…which is to say maybe too well.  Class I through Class V. Flatwater through monster whitewater. It was all really clear from day one, I had a good idea of what was within my ability and what was not. However with knitting that was not the case… I jumped in head  first with zero idea of what was “beginner friendly” and what might be a little too ambitious.

I watched a youtube tutorial on how to make a flat knitted hat and dove in. Never-mind the yarn was cotton and my needles were not even close to the right size and casting off surmised of first jabbing yarn through the live stitches and tying it up, and then of coercing my grandma to do it for me. I knit a fair isle hat for my Dad a month into my knitting endeavor that ended up newborn size, socks for my boyfriend with bulky weight yarn that might have fit Andre the Giant, and a truly heinous headband I presented to my roommate with pomp and circumstance.

Although my FO’s were terrible looking I was hooked. After a couple trips to the library to find books on knitting I learned some valuable information about yarn, gauge and needle size that contributed to better looking, human sized hand knits. Since then I haven’t gone many days without knitting, and I am just plain psyched to create incredible things with my hands.

As my knitting journey has continued on I’ve discovered that while I may be prudent when I judge whitewater, I hope to keep throwing caution to the wind and knitting Class V style.


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