About me

I grew up in a whitewater household. My parents own a rafting company, and from a young age I knew the ranking system of rapids like I knew all the spells in Harry Potter…which is to say maybe too well.  Class I through Class V. Flatwater through monster whitewater. It was all very clear from day one–I had a good idea of what was within my ability and what was not. However with knitting that was not the case… I jumped in head  first with zero idea of what was “beginner friDSCN0785endly” and what might be a little too ambitious. And boy am I glad I did.

Unlike diving into difficult whitewater, when I attempted difficult patterns there were no real repercussions. Mistakes can be fixed! Ugly projects can be re-done! Whitewater doesn’t always afford such flexibility. There were some pretty heinous knits made at the beginning (and sometimes there still are) but what’s the harm in that?

As my journey through knitting continues I’ve discovered that while I may be prudent when I judge whitewater, I hope to keep throwing caution to the wind and knitting Class V style.