27 Lessons

Today is my 27th birthday! I thought I would celebrate with 27 things I’ve learned so far.

  1. Always be polite.
  2. Snow tires are important.
  3. Lock the door to your dorm room.
  4. Speak up when you think something is unjust.
  5. The nasty food left in the sink drain doesn’t just disappear.
  6. Keeping in touch with people is tough but important.
  7. Rafts and knees don’t like to be bonked together.
  8. Neither do rafts and most things (i.e. rocks, bridge abutments, other rafts, etc).
  9. Knitting needles should not be sat on.
  10. Kids and teens are way more perceptive than they get credit for.
  11. Teaching 3 year olds how to ski is not that fun.
  12. Math is not the villain it’s made out to be.
  13. Exercise really does make you feel better.
  14. Flavored vodka should be avoided.
  15. Raising a puppy is super duper hard.
  16. Mascara doesn’t go on eyebrows.
  17. Cars really do run out of gas.
  18. It snows in the Grand Canyon.
  19. Stepping outside your comfort zone will enrich your life.
  20. People will generally listen to you if there’s enough rage or fear in your voice.
  21. Do the things you like even if they’re embarrassing.
  22. It’s OK to read the same books over and over.
  23. Stopping on ice skates is tricky business.
  24. People are more than they seem.
  25. Having fun is wildly important.
  26. The people in your life are valuable.
  27. Don’t buy fish on sale.

5 thoughts on “27 Lessons

  1. Just great. The fish one is so true! I also have learned my lesson there, but it might have taken me longer to learn. 🙂

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