What Needles Do You Use?

I’m looking for some advice. When I first started knitting I bought long circular needles in the tip sizes that I needed for the particular project I was working on. I found that it might be more expensive in the long run than buying an interchangeable set, but it worked for me to just buy as I needed them. I tend to use magic loop rather than work with dpns (except for socks–I use both there) for two reasons:

1. I am cheap. Magic loop means I have to buy fewer needles.

2. I am lazy. I can use the same needle and don’t even need to get out of my chair to find a new one.

Now that you know these handy things about me, maybe you can help. I bought an interchangeable set of Knitter’s Pride Dreamz a couple years ago (it hurts my souls to type out “dreamz” ugh). For the most part, I like them. I like that they are color coded and I can easily remember what sizes they are. I like the cables and the joins, they are easy and I’ve never had issues with them popping off. I like that they were a really reasonable price. I like knitting with wood just on principle. It seems to have a deeper connection to the history of the craft for me.

There are really only two things I don’t like–the storage case they came in is terrible. Since you know about my laziness now, you are absolutely correct in assuming there is literally no way I am going to take the time to put all the pieces of the needles back into their silly little homes. Nope not happening. The second thing is that they seem to be a magnet for dogs and butts. I have had my set of 5’s chewed to smithereens by two different dogs, I have personally sat on two tips and snapped them, and one of the aforementioned dogs did as well. My needle collection is slowly dwindling because I apparently don’t look where I sit and because dogs like sticks. That’s a problem.


I bought a size one Addi Turbo circular for some socks and it blew my mind. I obviously love knitting, but this needle literally brings me extra joy when I use it. The tips are so slick and and the stitches created are ridiculously even. I would LOVE  an interchangeable set of these but I just can’t get past the price. If I saved up, I could buy some, but justifying almost $200 on needles is not something I’m sure I can do. So. My ultimate questions are: Do any of you have a set of addis? Are they worth the price? Are the Knit Picks nickle plated needles even in the same league?

For any other lazy knitters who can’t seem to pick up after themselves either: how do you store your circulars?


6 thoughts on “What Needles Do You Use?

  1. I don’t have Addis, but I bought a set of Hiya Hiya about a year ago. I love them so much. They are very sharp and feel wonderful. In my set there were needles between 2.75mm and 5mm which are basically the needles I need. There is a lovely needle bag which keeps everything really tidy and there are different length of cables. I have used my needles almost exclusively. Recently Hiya Hiya offers a new set of thinner needles especially for socks and I spoilt myself again. I think they are much less than 200 $ and totally worth it.

    Here’s the link to a blogpost that convinced me to order my first set: (you have to scroll down a little bit…)

    1. I hadn’t even thought about Hiya Hiya. That’s a great option, I had a pair of their dpns at one point and liked them a lot. Shannon’s post is pretty convincing too. Thanks!!

  2. You may want to get away from the laminated birch. Your dogs (and your butt) seem to love munching on them. I have a set of the Addi’s. I bought them at an introductory price… I think I paid $80 for the set. I LOVE them.

    You may want to try Knit Picks’ Nickel-Plated Interchangeable set.

    It’s $50, and while I don’t have the whole set- I do have a few of them, and they work pretty good.

    If you’re unsure on whether you want the whole set, sight unseen- you may want to try out the Try It set.
    Two nickel-plated tips, two Caspian blue wood tips, and two cables. $15. Just make sure tighten with the key, if you’re going to Magic Loop with them. Else they will come loose mid-project.

  3. Hey! Just so you know, the Knit Picks interchangeable needles and the knitters pride needles are the same manufacturer, and you can use them on the same cables. I have both, in several finishes although mostly I love the wooden ones. I bought the plastic coiled needle keepers that knit picks sells, and I pair my needle tips that way in that plastic case. I put the cables in a separate plastic pouch that also fits in the larger one. I bought a couple of small plastic zippered things that were meant for make-up for that. And one for the tightening keys, etc. It makes it easy to keep organized. I asked the addi turbo needles for small gauge knitting.
    I think next summer you should have a hike, knit, and raft trip! I can think of a few people who would be there!

    1. This is such great information!! Thanks so much! I had always wondered if they could be used together since they have the same locking mechanism. This is super helpful. As for the raft, hike, knit combo…I agree. I have been thinking about that a bit as well. Maybe next year!

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