Brioche Wings

I started a test knit for Raina of Happy Knit Sheep a couple months ago and finally got around to taking some pictures of it! It was the first large brioche project I’ve done. I have knit a couple brioche cowls but never two colors and never with increases and decreases. It was really interesting to follow the pattern and watch the way it all came together. I know many of you know what brioche is but for those who don’t–it’s essentially a type of ribbing (like the elastic ribbing on the hem of a knit sweater) that allows for a very stretchy, dynamic, almost 3D-like fabric. When it’s knit with two colors, the dominant color changes as you turn it inside out. It can be manipulated with stitch increases and decreases in order to make different designs and color schemes (like the leaves on this cardigan).

The pattern itself was pretty straightforward once I got past the upper section–the rest of it is technically brioche garter stitch but it’s only rows of knits and purls. Pretty easy. It was kind of a long knit though, the yarn was fingering weight and knit with a size 2 needle. I had to rip it out and start over about half way through the yoke because my gauge was way off and causing the armpit length to be too deep. I had to take a little break from it for my sanity and begin again with a fresh attitude. I’m glad I did. The armpit could still be an inch or so more shallow but it’s much better than it was.



It’s very possible this is the first blue garment I’ve knit!? I don’t wear much blue and never am drawn to blues in yarn but I was at the yarn store and in a hurry and running out of color options. I’m glad I was a bit limited because I wouldn’t have put this combination together normally.


After I finished I ran out and bought a pattern for a brioche hat I’ve had my eye on for a while…Prim I’m coming for you next!


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