I Keep Making Naughty Things

I can’t help it. How Cold Is It is just an excellent pattern idea and whenever anyone sees my mittens they want a pair too. Maybe I only have inappropriate friends. Something to think about.

When my dad saw my mittens he immediately let me know that if I happened to make him a hat with that on it, he would happily wear it. So I did! I rewrote the chart to read horizontally and knit it out of worsted weight rather than fingering. There was some empty space so I added a fair isle chart I found online. I don’t want to post the reworked chart here because it’s not my pattern but let me know if you have the pattern and want my notes as to how to convert it to a hat.

My window for picture taking with Ol’ Pete was pretty slim–apparently not everyone likes modeling knitwear–so I only have these photos.



It’s a sneakier sort of profanity than the mittens, you really have to see the whole hat to read it. My Dad has already said he plans on wearing it skiing and that if someone on the lift notices, he “doesn’t give a $#!@” .

Wonder where I get it from.


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