Stuff I Found In My Parents’ House Part 1

Welcome to a new hopefully only semi-regular feature of the blog: Stuff I found in my parents’ house.

As some of you may know, I am back living with my parents for a few months. Turns out traveling for three months really taps a gal out financially. My man friend is off working a 3 month nursing contract–so while he’s in Colorado I am here in the Adirondacks. I’m lucky to be able to come back to NY and pick up work for them at the rafting/ski outfitter they own. It’s a great option to have and it’s pretty fun to work for the family business again after such a long hiatus. That said….being 26 and living in my childhood bedroom is good for some things and not so good for others.


–My bed is so much nicer than the piece of junk we had been sleeping on in Utah.

–My mother is a great cook.

–My dad buys beer.

–My sisters left all sorts of clothes and shoes that are now mine. Payback’s a bitch.

–There are lots of photos from my childhood.


–There are lots of photos from my childhood.

— Reading old diaries make me want to simultaneously throw up, play Blink 182 and cry about why I didn’t get asked to the dance.

–My dad makes coffee that strongly resembles tar.

–The heat is not cranked nearly high enough for my liking.

–Fighting for bathroom time is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago.

There is also one large pro having to do with knitting. My parents have accumulated some clothing and crafting tools from my Great Grandmother Mabel, my Great Aunt Helen and my Grandma Milda. They left behind some incredible pieces and knitting tools. Tucked into every closet there seems to be a blanket, quilt, sweater or needle set with a story.

My grandma Milda was a purveyor of taste and fashion until the end. She had an almost 90 year reign as the Queen of North River. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. She was generous with her heirlooms as well as her opinions–whether they were good or bad. She also had the most incredible wardrobe. Jewelry, sweaters, scarves, hats and jackets that made her look like Jackie O. was the copy cat.

This morning I found one of her coats in my closet and it is the most beautiful hand knit, knee length dress coat. It looks and feels like a wool and mohair blend. The buttons are wool as well. It was totally lined at one point and apart from the lining it is in great shape. There are a couple areas with moth damage but nothing too big considering how old it is. I would guess it’s from the 60’s? There aren’t any tags, my mom thinks she had it commissioned.


It’s most definitely hand knit at a loose gauge and needs to be inspected further. It’s got cables, garter, seed stitch and ribbing. It’s a raglan and the shaping seems fairly straight forward. I would love to look at it in more depth and write a pattern for something similar. Hopefully I can get it restored as well. I’m sure Milda would have loved for it to be worn again. Tastefully and properly accessorized, of course.

Sorry for the following terrible modeled shots. My dog was very interested in wearing it too, as you can see. The lighting isn’t very good, I am barefoot, and I am not great at taking modeling direction from my mother…





I think it should be fairly simple to find somewhere to re-line it, but does anyone have any suggestions for the moth damage? I would love to find a similar wool to do it with but I’m not sure what the best approach is.

There’s lots more pieces to show off that I have encountered here–so stay tuned for more vintage finds. Until then…

I also found these pants.


And these .


You’re welcome.







3 thoughts on “Stuff I Found In My Parents’ House Part 1

  1. Lovely cable knit coat! Definitely have it relined. Cute hat & pants & flamingo as well! I’m sure you know what to do with those!

  2. Is it possible I saw Milda wearing the sweater at some time? I can certainly picture her proudly wearing it!
    Uh, the flamingo…. I think I know where that came from!

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