Farmhouse Shawl

I finished the Farmhouse Shawl by cabinfour last spring but didn’t get pictures of it until last week. I think it is currently my favorite knitted item. It is the perfect mix of rustic, trendy and classic. Even before I started knitting, shawls and scarves were always a big piece of my wardrobe. I tend to dress in simple shapes and don’t wear too many patterns. I like color but I generally don’t get too wild in the basics of what I wear but I have always loved putting a scarf or shawl (and funky earrings) on top of fairly simple silhouettes. The farmhouse shawl fits in with pretty much everything I own and I have been wearing it nonstop since I finished it. I knew I would like it when I knitted it but I didn’t expect it to be as versatile as it is.



It is knit with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the wood smoke colorway. I originally bought two skeins to make a hat.  The hat was a disaster. So I ripped it out and it became the farmhouse shawl. I bought two more skeins which totaled four to make the shawl–including the fringe. I am fairly sure I bought the same color but it’s possible I didn’t. In any case, the second two skeins are noticeably darker than the first two. I was disappointed when I was making it but I actually ended up really liking the color blocking effect it has.


The pattern calls for six skeins, but I am cheap and small so I decided to make a smaller version. I omitted one of the middle pattern repeats and it ended up the perfect size. I can wrap it kerchief style and it doesn’t overwhelm my tiny noggin. I used a size 9 to get gauge.

It got lots of wear this past summer in Stanley. What’s better than two-steppin’ at the saloon with a pair of boots and a fringed shawl? Not much.



3 thoughts on “Farmhouse Shawl

  1. That was hilarious!! Loved the commentary. The shawl is beautiful, looks good on you. The part about cheap and small is classic Burns!! You are so much like your mother it brings tears to my eyes!!
    Keep it up kid!

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