Fun in FoCo

I can’t quite get into the whole abbreviation thing, I always feel sort of ridiculous shortening words that have a perfectly good amount of syllables. However,  I am here in rainy Fort Collins, Colorado–lovingly referred to as FoCo. FoCo has lots of great things. The best two I have discovered are beer and yarn. Which there are both of in abundance. Also coffee. I am highly caffeinated at the moment which could make for a really stellar blog post. Or lots of misspelled words. One or the other.

My man friend’s parents live here and we have come as a last stop on the journey to Mexico. We (when I say we, I mean Aaron and his dad) are installing solar panels for the trip, getting things together and stealing toilet paper, toothpaste, and other household commodities from his parents. It’s my first time here and let me tell you, the creature comforts are just dandy. I met up with good friend and fellow river guide Erin, and took a tour of the New Belgium brewery. If you ever have a chance to do it, eat lots before and trick someone into picking you up. Not only is it informative and entertaining, but also pretty darn boozy. Also, I recommend calling your mother after the tour to let her know how great it is. I think mine was thoroughly entertained by my late night rendition of the tour and new aspirations to be a tour guide there. You’re welcome, Mom.



I also took a pilgrimage to the Loopy Ewe, which I have equated to hand dyed yarn Mecca. I wandered in slack jawed and remained that way until my new best friend who worked there offered me a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. I managed to stammer out an affirmation that yes, I would love a cookie, and then stared at yarn for as long as I felt ok about leaving Aaron in the car. There was just about every yarn I have ever wanted to try, but I somehow stayed in my budget, and stumbled out with less damage to my bank account than both Aaron and I thought possible.  I ended up with a skein of Blue Moon Socks that Rock in the pitter patter colorway, two skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy in the Wisterious colorway, and two Madeline Tosh unicorn tails in Flashdance and Glazed Pecan. Yahoo!




I also finished up quite a few projects on the drive here, I only got one mediocre picture or so of each, but here they are in quick succession.
A humping reindeer hat which I promised to my friend Scott many moons ago. He dresses up as Santa at Snowbird each year, so I can only hope Santa gets a bit naughtier this winter.
A new pair of socks! I also finished a pair for my mom but I am going to hold off posting pictures because I might publish the pattern in the future. If anyone wants to test knit some sport weight socks give me a holler.
A sweater for a brand new baby! My hand is in the picture to show that yes it is small and yes it is for a baby. Clever. Not my baby, not my privilege to announce the name, but I will say her name means “Soul of the river” which I think is pretty darn cool.

We are headed south in two days! Not sure what the Mexican internet situation is, but I will try to post, because holy smokes am I bringing a lot of yarn. ADIOS!


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