Summer Plans

As I mentioned in the last post, when the school year finishes I am headed back to Stanley, Idaho–which is one of my top three favorite places in the world. It is a tiny mountain town in central Idaho that has a year round population of 63. 64 now that my friend Kelly is there full time. It is cold and somewhat isolated in the winter, but it explodes with people and activity in the summer. It is a mecca for kayaking, rafting, backpacking, mountain biking, scenic beer drinking, breakfast eating and porch sitting. And I am very excited to get back there and do all those things.


The thing that makes Stanley so inviting is also what makes it a sometimes difficult place to live in. It is fairly isolated–it’s one hour from Sun Valley, two hours from Boise and doesn’t have much in the way of housing, grocery stores or yarn shops. We’re living in my man friend’s truck camper all summer which is a big step above a tent and will allow us to not live in the guide bunkhouses. Yes. No more dorm living. We both lived there the last summer we were in Stanley, and while I can’t deny it was super duper fun, I don’t necessarily want to spend another summer on the top bunk of a red bunk bed reminiscent of my youth. So. This is a long winded way of saying we are living in a truck camper this summer and our space will be limited.

I thought long and hard about what I would knit this summer. I must have a few projects to last me through the season, they must be fairly involved, and must not require huge amounts of yarn. I ultimately decided on a fingering weight dress, a sport weight afghan (I know, I know, this directly contradicts what I just said about not requiring huge amounts of yarn but remember what I said last post about me being good at living in denial?), and a sport weight vest-y, shawl-y, Stevie Nicks-y thing. I stalked Knit Picks for a while and finally pulled the trigger last week. And those guys ship so fast it makes my heart pitter-patter.

I debated a long time on the dress, I looked at patterns forever and tried to think really hard about what would get the most wear if I knit it, and what would make the most sense in terms of a yarn choice. I ultimately settled on the Cocktail Dress. I don’t know if I’m sold on the color blocking at the top but I like the silhouette. I might just knit it all one color. I bought some Gloss Lace fingering for this in Kenai for the main color, and Robot and Masala for the stripes. This is almost the same color scheme as my Color Affection, just a more muted version. wpid-dsc_1366.jpg

I bought the kit for the Hue Shift Afghan but changed the border color from black to orange. It’s acrylic yarn, but it’s soft for acrylic and the whole kit only cost me around $30 which is pretty darn cheap for a blanket so I’ll take it. I immediately cast on when it arrived and knit three squares, but I’m trying to be diligent and knit some things that need finishing before I leave. I’ll have lots of time to knit it this summer. wpid-dsc_1373.jpg


The last batch of yarn I bought is Shine Sport in the Willow colorway. One of my co-workers has this incredible knee length lacy, fringed, wrap vest hybrid that I love. I looked for something similar on Ravelry but couldn’t find anything. The most similar thing I found was on pinterest. I am thinking of a cut like this but with more lace. I had her bring it in a few days ago and I took the measurements, I think it will be easy to duplicate. It’s basically a small lace blanket with arm holes. I’m gonna give it a whirl and maybe even write up a pattern!?


Speaking of fringe and Stevie Nicks, I also have a finished Farmhouse shawl to show off but I need to take some pictures first. I wore it to a concert on Friday and looked just as cool as all the hipsters but had way more cred than them cause I knit the damn thing.

3 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Do they have Internet where you’re going?
    Memorial Day Salutations! When does school end?
    Your colors are very pretty and I’m sure whatever you make will be beautiful!
    Aunt Susie

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