So it’s been a little while. I think I am finally recovering from my Christmas knitting. I am happy to say that I almost finished all the Weasley Family Christmas Sweaters, but I think it really wore me out. I couldn’t quite finish my Dad’s on time, I only have a bit of the sleeves to go but the thought of knitting more of a sweater makes me sort of want to put something sharp in or around my eye. I’m surrounded by needles so I’m actively trying to banish the thought. I will finish up my Dad’s sweater, but any other sweaters I make in the near future will be knit slowly for the sake of my sanity. I think that blogging about the sweaters hung in my mind as something else I had to complete in order for them to be truly done. I didn’t feel like I could write about anything else until those were documented–which is ridiculous because who is the knitting blog police? Is someone going to come to my house brandishing especially sharp dpns and poke me mercilessly until I blog about the sweaters? NOPE! At least I hope not, though I am quick and I have a big dog if it comes to that. So, more for myself than anyone else, I declare that I will not be writing about the Weasley Family Sweaters until the day I can think about sweaters again. Which is not today. 

I have been knitting though, and dyeing as well! When I went home, I gave away all my favorite hats, so I have been on a tear to make the perfect hat. Skiff has been in my Ravelry queue since the pattern was released. I bought some Brooklyn Tweed for myself on my birthday, and I tried to make it. Tried.


I have a very small head, which is something that I know about myself. So being aware of my tiny head, I decided to go down 1 needle size for the top of the hat and 3 for the brim. No luck. I read on some of the pattern projects online that it is a big hat. Yes indeed. I tried on the sample at my local yarn store’s trunk show and the same thing happened, yet I made it anyway. I am pretty good at forging ahead with things even when all signs point toward disaster. It’s an unfortunate talent. This picture actually shows my second attempt, so last night in a fit of rage I unraveled the whole thing and decided to make it into a shawl. Maybe this one? Or this one?

Last weekend I dyed up the rest of the natural colored yarn I had and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I decided to hand-paint it instead of kettle dyeing and it was so fun to place the colors on the skein. The hanging pictures aren’t great but they show the color placement pretty well.



This one I tried to get most of the skein one dark color. I was aiming for dark grey or black and ended up with this incredible lavender-like grey. I left one patch white, and then dyed small chunks in the colors of the rainbow. The colors blended a little more than I was hoping for but for the amount of chaos that happened during the dye process (dye dripping on the floor, dog barking, the realization that I was out of paper towels) it turned out really well. I was so eager to knit it that I already made a hat for myself that is blocking now.



While making the second skein I picked three colors to use and placed them randomly on the skein. I ended up with an indigo, teal, and magenta. As I was doing it I was disappointed with the look of the teal, but after a rinse it ended up really beautiful. I am not sure what to make with this, but I want to find a pattern that allows the color to be the center of attention.

I also finally finished up the socks that used my hand dyed self-striping yarn. They are happy and springy and I am wearing them now!


Thanks for bearing with me over my unintentional break. I will be back again soon, as long as no one around me says the s word.

2 thoughts on “oops.

  1. Love the socks! Looking at them makes my feet feel warm! It has been sooo cold here in PA.
    Hand dying is an interesting concept. Next thing you know you’ll be raising the sheep!
    Good job, Cassandra!
    The hat looked really warm too!

  2. Nice incognito hat! Glad to see you back at it. I wear my little wool anklet socks all the time here in the Tundra. All that nice grey yarn might make some more nice little anklet socks! Just sayin……

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