So Many Knitted Things

I have had lots of knit-related things going on in my world!  Weasley Family Sweater crunch time, knitting related birthday gifts, and lots of knitting middle schoolers!

I have finished two sweaters, and just have to seam the arms on one. The only one left is the one for my Dad, who happens to be the largest. Why I saved him for last I’m not sure…I don’t want to put finished pictures up yet for two reasons: I want the recipients to see them first, and I want to get pictures of said recipients in them for the finished photos. Maybe even a cheesy awkward wooly family shot or two. I do have some in progress pictures though.





That’s all she wrote for those at the moment…All will be revealed after Christmas!

I turned 25 a few days after Thanksgiving and was the lucky recipient of some incredible knitting related gifts! My Grandma has a penchant for buying hilarious gifts that generally light up or make noise. When I opened the package I half expected to be blinded or have something jump out at me, but in the box were these super cute dpn holders! Equally as fun as something that  spins, whirs and blinks at the same time.


I have the best coworkers ever, and they got me a card with a cat wearing an argyle sweater, as cats tend to do, and a gift card to Knit Picks! I happened to hit their Black Friday Sale as well…so I got a pretty good bang for my buck. I bought some lace weight to make a Color Affection shawl out of once all this Holiday Knitting is over. The Colors are Marine and Topaz and I am planning on using my left over Malabrigo Lace in Glazed Carrot for the shawl.


I bought some Lindy Chain, which is a chain plied linen blend. I have some already in the Celery colorway that I haven’t used yet. I bought four balls of Plum Blush which is a dusky purple that I really really like. I’m not sure what I want to make yet but I love wearing my linen Kit top. Tanks or t-shirts when spring comes.

I also bought some more natural colored yarn to dye up, and this incredible book: Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece. It is such a great resource and I feel like when I dye yarn next I won’t be winging it quite so much as a result.


My Mom sent me some money with the strict instructions to buy a needle set for myself. I have been buying single circular needles as I need them so that I don’t have to shell the money out for a set, even though it’s less economical in the long run. Thanks to my lovely Mother, I am purchasing these bad boys! These are my favorite needles that I have at this point, and I am excited to have all the sizes I need and the capability to switch cord lengths. I have a feeling that interchangeable needles will be a game changer.

I also bought some Brooklyn Tweed for myself to make the Skiff hat. I went back and forth in the yarn shop debating on whether to buy a neutral color or a bright color. I went with a neutral because it’s a classic looking hat pattern, so it should have a classic colored yarn. I will make myself another loud obnoxious hat to ski in later on.


While these are all exciting things, the most exciting thing is the beginning of the Knitting Club! Or Need to Knit, as we’re calling it at school. I am beyond pumped because there are so many kids wanting to be a part of it, and they LOVE it! Many kids have gone out and bought their own needles and are really going to town. One boy has already finished a scarf, and is working on another (striped!) one. They are knitting between classes, during recess, and even trying to sneak it in class–which I take as a sign that they really dig it. I told them that I would love to be knitting too, but if I can’t they can’t. We can all wallow in our knitless pity together. It is so great because many of the kids doing this are kids who have a hard time sitting still, or are generally difficult kids to manage, and knitting really seems to be a relaxing, productive thing for them. Kids who are sometimes really critical of themselves are incredibly proud of what they’re making, and I am too. I love that we were able to make this happen at school this year. Forgive me for the cropped heads, but I don’t want to put their faces up on here.



Recess knitting!

Need to Knit resumes tomorrow, and hopefully I will be able to get some more pictures! These kids are on fire!


2 thoughts on “So Many Knitted Things

  1. The needles you chose are great! Strangely enough I almost bought those pretty ones for you too. Grandma’s genes run strong for colors! Love the progress with the knit club and my sweater! That I can’t wait to wear!

  2. What a wonderful way to encourage your kids to create! I am very proud of you, Cassandra! Hannah has just taken up the sport of knitting as well and put together a hat and scarf for herself! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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