Knit Club!

Since the weather is cooling down, at school the kids are offered clubs during lunch and recess that they can partake in. It lets them be a part of the club as well as skip out on being outside for recess one day a week. Which is nice for them because as one student fondly said, “This playground looks like Gangster ‘s Paradise.” And indeed it does. It is literally part of an office complex parking lot with 10 ft chain link fencing, one living basketball hoop and one decaying sadly in the back. It looks like kids should be doing perimeter laps in sweats, trading contraband in the corners, and banging out pull ups on the side. If only we had a pull up bar. And as of right now the 4th-8th graders have lost their playground equipment privileges because apparently not kicking basketballs into the neighbor’s yard intentionally is a difficult idea to grasp. But I am ready to arm them with knitting needles!

I am the advisor for the knitting club and I am so jazzed. A couple kids already can knit and a bunch want to learn. And there are boys too! Probably just because they have crushes on the girls that are signed up but oh well. I have a budget of $50 to get it going! It  doesn’t seem like much but in a Title I charter school I feel like I’m rolling in a pile of money. I found some cheap wooden straight needles online that have a bunch of sizes, and we actually have a fair amount of yarn at school already. I am thinking about having everyone do a headband as the first project. It’s quick and I imagine kids will get more instant gratification than they would with a scarf. Hopefully finishing something cool will keep them hooked.

It starts after Thanksgiving, if it all goes to plan I won’t be tied up with yarn by middle schoolers. We will also try to avoid needles being jabbed into eyeballs. You never know.  Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Knit Club!

  1. Good idea! I may have some knitting things to send you.
    As we go forward with our renovation, we are thinning out
    our possessions. Hannah has taken up crocheting and made
    herself a scarf. Today is Mike’s birthday & he’s coming for lunch.
    You have yourself a very happy birthday in a few weeks!

  2. Your grandmother, Beth, is in my Kabbalah group and has shared your wonderful blog site with me. I greatly enjoyed the Weasley section. Your knitting is amazing!
    Blessings and I look forward to following your posts.
    Darlene Smicker

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