It’s been a while! Though there hasn’t been much blogging, there has been lots of knitting. The weather here is finally cooling down a bit. We have had a few days that have actually felt like fall, and it snowed above the bench! Snowbird is supposed to open the 22nd and I am pretty jazzed about it. Today it is back to 70 but sometimes it’s nice to have it warm in the city but winter up above. Salt Lake is cool in that way; I could climb and ski on the same day if I wanted to. It has been cold enough to want to knit a lot, and knitting a lot is ok with me!

The Weasley Family Sweaters are coming along pretty well, but I think I need to pick up the pace a bit. I am about finished with the body on Emily’s and I love it so much. This is one that I will have to knit again for myself. I should be done with the body today and can move onto the sleeves.



I left Sam’s at the same place–finished with the body and two sleeves to knit. There are four sleeves in my immediate future which seems kind of daunting, good thing the twins have skinny arms!


I also have Camilla that I am making for myself but I kind of lost steam because it looks like I might run out of yarn. Aaah. This was a sweater made because I had so much extra yarn so I really don’t want to buy more to finish it because then the neverending cycle of this particular leftover yarn would start again. Fingers crossed.


I am brainstorming patterns for my dad and leaning toward Fort which is also a Brooklyn Tweed pattern. My dad doesn’t have the hipster hanging out in a loft listening to rare vinyl type look that the model has. He’s got more of a ski bum wearing Carhartts butchering a deer at the kitchen table while head bobbing to the Grateful Dead sort of a thing going on. It’s a classic sweater though, with just enough that I think he would like it. Minus the elbow patches. No elbow patches for Ol’ Pete.

I have knitted a few smaller things for instant gratification while plugging away at these sweaters.

An improvised brioche cowl for a co-worker. Modeled by me…


A hat for a good friend that has returned to me for pom pom surgery…


All things are good on the Wasatch front, hopefully there will be a finished sweater in the near future!


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Your great grandmothers would be so proud! Nora (our Giya) did the cable stitch like crazy. And Charlotte (Grammy) made the most beautiful themed afghans of her own design. Your sweaters are going to look fantastic!

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