French Fry Knitting

When I first started reading knitting blogs I didn’t quite understand when people referred to certain projects as “potato chip knitting”. Do you eat chips while knitting it? That seems messy and greasy, though it would combine two of my favorite things–knitting and snacking. I came to realize that these bloggers meant that knitting the specific pattern was like eating potato chips; it’s impossible to stop. Just one more chip, or just one more row in knitting’s case. Now, I like potato chips and all and I may have gotten irrationally excited a few weeks ago when I found out my grocery store carries Cape Cod Chips, but there are far superior snacks. Namely, french fries. I can call it quits with chips fairly easily, they don’t beckon me to eat more and more. Fries on the other hand, I could perhaps eat all day if I had a delectable condiment and I paced myself. I decided that my version of potato chip knitting had to be french fry knitting. And I found my first pattern that fits the bill.

wpid-dsc_0756.jpg     I began the Weasley Family Sweaters with Sam’s, which is Coda. This thing was so hard to put down. I finished the body in under a week. It was nuts, I don’t think I’ve ever knit something that large that quickly before. It is knit from the bottom up with 2×2 rib and stockinette. The yarn is Cascade 220 in Iridescence and I am using a size 7 needle. I was nervous for the top because it uses a few techniques I am not super familiar with–shorts rows, and grafting. I’ve grafted lots of socks together, but the thought of grafting a big chunk of knitting somewhere highly visible was daunting. Short rows I had only attempted once before, and didn’t have a great handle on. It was nice to start from the bottom up and have a large chunk done before the difficult section started.

wpid-dsc_0752.jpgThe top is cabled while raglan decreases happen just inside the cables. This section was fun to knit and went surprisingly quickly. I crossed one of the left cables the wrong direction and attempted to ladder down and fix it without ripping everything out. It worked! The tension isn’t exactly the same as the other cables around it but the difference seems to be pretty minimal . I love braids in all facets, especially knitted ones.

wpid-dsc_0753.jpgThe section that really made me nervous before getting there was the back. I looked at the pattern directions ahead of time and it seemed like a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo. Once I got there though, the mumbo jumbo started to make sense. The back is worked with cables shaped into a horizontal arch. It went incredibly quickly. Two episodes of This American Life, sort of quickly. This is where the french fries really started getting consumed at a faster rate. I LOVE IT!

wpid-dsc_0751.jpgAll these pictures are pre-grafting. I seamed the two live ends in the middle together and actually did a pretty bang-up job if I do say so myself. I had some help though.

wpid-dsc_0759.jpgAll this progress came to a screeching halt, however, when I messed up on the yoke after working the body. It isn’t a big mistake but will require some ripping back. I lost my mojo a bit after that. But perhaps this weekend the french fry knitting will start again and I will gain 30 pounds. Or just knit a sweater. One or the other.


2 thoughts on “French Fry Knitting

  1. love the pattern you chose for your sister! Yes, I am afraid I favor french fries over chips myself…..may be a genetic predisposition….sorry.

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