Weasley Family Sweaters

Harry Potter haters might want to avoid this one. And find a soul. But that’s neither here nor there.

Growing up, my sisters and I made references to The Burrow when talking about the home we grew up in.  Loving ones. But our family home certainly has distinct resemblances to the Weasley Family’s home. It was and still is, a catch all for friends and neighbors. My parents are great cooks, and the fridge always has beer in it. People seem to figure this out. And remember it. The house doesn’t suffer from a lack of fun or activity. Instead of live garden gnomes there are neighbors’ dogs and plant eating deer…and plastic lawn flamingos. Rather than a ghoul moaning and banging on pipes in the attic, there is my Dad swearing and banging on frozen pipes outside. Kids sledding down the back hill instead of playing Quidditch. You get the idea. Oh and the stuff–there is a lot of extra stuff in the house. If there was a possibility to magically add floors and rooms like the Weasleys did, it would have been done. It is absolutely The Burrow in all the best ways. Which must make us The Weasleys! As any HP aficionado knows, the Weasleys each received matching sweaters for Christmas. While it would be good fun to each have matching sweaters with our initials on it, I decided to let everyone pick a sweater pattern instead!

I am aware this is a crazy ambitious plan, and the chance that these will all be done by Christmas is slim. However, I am really excited to do this for my family. And the yarn came today! Yahoo!! I only took a picture of one skein of each yarn because otherwise I would look like a loon. The only people who know the truth of how much yarn just arrived are my manfriend and Oscar the Dog. And they like truck parts and squeaky toys as much as I like yarn so I think I am safe. So without further ado, the yarn for the Weasley Family Sweaters!



The yarn closest to us is for my sister Sam. She has requested Coda, which is the most quintessentially Sam sweater I have ever seen. It is tailored, reversible, and classic with a bit of flair. I bought Cascade 220 in the color Iridescence, which is a dusky, greyish purple of which  I hope there is extra when I am finished.



This is for my Dad. The yarn is Northhampton Worsted, in the colorway Rust. If my Dad were to be a color, this would be it. He always seems to wear earth tones, and this one suits him really well. I will be knitting him a pullover, which one I am unsure. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments! I am thinking a fairly simple pullover, he is not a cable knit sort of dude.



This is the same yarn in the color Twighlight Heater. It is purple with some red and blue blended in. It is for my sister Emily, who also could not have picked a sweater that better fits her personality. She picked Hawser, which is a new Brooklyn Tweed pattern. It looks an awful lot like the sweater of my Mom’s that everyone used to fight over. Emily ended up with it. Curious how that happened….


This is for my Mom, who asked for a bulky weight sweater similar to the one Emily stole  borrowed. I am designing this one myself. Eek! I have the recipe figured out–a simple pullover with positive ease and a nautical cable down the front. I am excited and a tad bit nervous to knit this one. Can I deal with pattern design? Perhaps?



This last combination is for me. The black and white is the yarn my sister brought me from Chile. I hope to stripe it with the blue on the right. In real life it is more navy, less royal. I am not sure what pattern I am going to use yet, but I am leaning toward Flax.

I haven’t knit with the Northampton before but I am excited to use it. It got great reviews as a durable, inexpensive wool. I am a knitter on a tight budget and Webs offers great discounts on Cascade and Northampton. Everyone will have to handwash their sweaters but oh well.

This is a might be a crazy thing I am attempting to do, but I hope that when I go back to NY for Christmas, we can all wear Weasley sweaters and drink butter beer and laugh about that time Filch almost caught us in the Forbidden Forest. Too much? Maybe we will just enjoy our new sweaters and each others’ company.


3 thoughts on “Weasley Family Sweaters

  1. oh this is so great and you were so kind! I love Mrs. Weasley. She was a badass when she had to be!

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