Travel Knitting


Two socks have come into existence as a result of some long hours on planes and in cars. When I flew to NY a few weeks ago I had a pair or socks for my mom started and I finished one while I was there. Nasty child that I am, I let her wear it for a bit, then snatched it back so I could make a matching one. That didn’t get finished while I was at home, so it came back to Utah with me.  Its twin is proving more difficult to knit. I finished the cuff and part of the heel flap and then cast it aside like last year’s My Little Pony on Christmas morning when something more glittery came along. That shiny new object was…..

The sock yarn I dyed myself! I went on an absolute tear and busted a sock out over Labor Day weekend. This is a feat for me, I am not typically a quick sock knitter. My manfriend and I drove through the mountains from Central Nevada into Utah’s West Desert. A lot of knitting was done, a lot of diner food was consumed and I almost peed on a rattlesnake, but that’s a tail for another time. Tail? Get it? Anyway….



The variegated sock is the one for my mom. She requested pretty ankle socks. I think these fit the bill. The yarn is the same as what I knit her shawl from (which I forgot to take pictures of). Alpha B fingering in the colorway Pendleton Round Up. It had beautiful reds and browns, I used the pattern Hermione’s Everyday Socks, which I’ve used before. I didn’t love knitting it before because it seemed to take forever but because these are ankle socks it was pretty quick.


My lemon and lime socks are my self-striping hand dyed! It was so fun to dye them, I used this tutorial, which was really helpful. Basically in order to dye the stripes, you knit a few rounds of whatever sock pattern you will use, make marks on the yarn with a sharpie where your rounds start and stop, then unravel it and measure. There is some simple, yet confusing to me, Math that takes place after that. You decide how many stripe repeats you want, then multiply for how many inches your swatch was and re-skein the yarn so that it can be dyed in bunches according to how stripe length and color repeats. Then the bunches are dipped into different color dyes separately. That was the crazy part. I had this bizarre system of trying to hang onto one bunch and dye the other without burning myself or dipping the wrong part of the yarn. I made A. come into the kitchen to hold pieces while I literally untangled my appendages from the yarn. There was a lot of swearing on my end. But it worked!


I just used a regular top down 64 stitch heel flap pattern. I am excited to knit the next one!

wpid-dsc_0709.jpgI also made this little guy this morning. A coffee cozy for a co-worker.  What a Hoot!


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