My Featherweight is finished! I started  this cardigan in June and knit the body and a sleeve and then took a hiatus in July. It was too hot for my sweaty hands to knit single ply lace weight. I picked it up again a week ago to finish the second sleeve and pick up for the collar. Lucky for me there are KALs (knit-a-longs) going on that motivated me. The blogs Very Shannon and My Sister’s Knitter are both hosting KALs that have helped me to finish this sweater up.



I used Malabrigo lace in the Glazed Carrot colorway. I bought it from my LYS and I love the color, but they didn’t have skeins from the same dye lot. The skeins are really different, I alternated them in order to avoid color blocking.  One is very bright orange and the other has a lot of pink in it. I really prefer the orange to the pink and I almost ripped everything out at the beginning to switch skeins because the third skein I bought has less pink. I didn’t because my ego doesn’t do well with ripping unless it’s totally necessary, and I thought I would end up using all three skeins anyway.  I bought three skeins but only ended up using 1.5! So I guess it could have been less pink after all but oh well. I actually don’t mind too much, it is still a really beautiful color, and it has more depth than it would.


I used a size 7 needle and knit the 35.25 inch size. I saw some Featherweights online where people had modified the pattern to add some more pizzazz so I decided to do that too! I used the lace chart from Leher and put the lace panel up the back. The chart was 17 stitches, I knit 14 and 15 stitches on either side of the chart. I knit the body around two inches longer than the pattern prescribes. I didn’t want a cropped cardigan but I didn’t want a long one either. It hits about my high hip which is exactly what I wanted, I think that’ s the most flattering place for my body. The sleeves aren’t perfect but oh well. I had the wrong stitch count at the underarms so I just picked up a few extra stitches. One of them looks great but the other has pretty good sized ladders running up  the length. I started the sleeves using magic loop but I really don’t like magic loop too much. I have a hard time moving the stitches around on the cables when I use lighter weight yarn. I decided to switch to dpns that were my great grandmother’s, but they were heavy and distorted the stitches and made big ol’ ladders. They are on the inside of the arm so they aren’t too easy to see, so I just left it the way it is. I sucked it up and used magic loop for the other sleeve. I knit the collar using 1×1 rib so it would lay flat and I really dig the way it looks.





I am excited to have a lightweight cardigan like this, the only other cardigan I’ve knit is Nanook, which I love, but is way too hot for most of the year. I’m off to go give it a test run! Wahoo!



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