Chilean Goodies

There was a bit of an unintended hiatus here in the last month or so. Whoops. I had a crazy month. I took a trip home to NY to see family and be in a wedding for one of my very closest friends, and when I got back school started up again! I teach middle school, and we started August 20th. First week down…so far so good.

My sisters Emily and Sam spent portions of their Junior years of college abroad. Sam fittingly went to Bath, England to study English. She found her people there. Emily went to Valpariso, Chile for a year. Every time I talked to her she bragged about how much yarn she saw and how cheap it was. I think she knew I would never forgive her (or at least give her some major side eye) if she didn’t bring any back. Around Christmas she actually sent me some but I hadn’t used it yet or taken pictures of it until now. She had some more waiting for me at home along with the 2nd most beautiful pair of needles I have ever seen. I say 2nd only because her boyfriend there whittled(what?!) three pairs of needles for her that are unbelievable. She must have some redeeming qualities after all. JUST KIDDING.

In all seriousness I am so lucky to have great sisters that know me well. This yarn is incredible stuff. It smells woolly in the most wonderful way. Like maybe too much like sheep and manure for your average person but apparently that is my new musk. So without further ado…pictures!





This seems to be a single ply bulky weight yarn. Variegated blues, greens and grays. I love the color, I don’t have a kitchen scale so I am not sure quite how much there is but there is a good amount. I think its destiny is to become a hat.





This is a two ply, grey and white worsted weight yarn. It is the most processed of any of the yarns, the others are much more raw. Because of that,  I think this one should be a garment. I weighed it at my parents’ house and it is 225 grams! Wahoo! I am thinking about striping it with another yet to be discovered solid colored yarn for a pullover.





I really love this skein. It looks like it has been dip dyed with a golden color as well as navy blue and they have blended together to form a dark green. This one is about 100 grams of super bulky single ply and whatever it becomes, it should be something worn next to the skin. Super duper soft.





The next two are insane! They are both single ply and seem to be about the same yardage. The thickness really varies between dk and bulky–kind of thick and thin.  They are really unprocessed and really cool as well. This one is one of the more beautiful colors I have ever seen in a yarn. It is a steely grey with some teal undertones. It looks like the sky right before a thunderstorm. Unreal.




I started to wind this one into balls. It is a big job. I’m unsure what to even call this color. Not purple enough to be magenta, not pink enough to be fuchsia, not red enough to be scarlet. Somewhere in between all those. It is saturated and bright and lovely. These last two aren’t yarns you would want to wear as a garment or accessory so I am thinking of making some sort of home decor with them. And maybe felting them? A rug or felted bowls? I want to use them together. I would love suggestions!



These are the needles she brought me. Emily told me she found the biggest ones she could. They are humongous! That girl does not mess around. They are 15 inches long, I’m not sure what size they are. Significantly bigger than my 17’s. Probably not as big as 50’s though.





Here they are putting a pair of 13’s to shame. They look like twigs.






All the goodies together! I am not 100% sure but they all seem to be handspun and most likely hand dyed as well. She said they each cost about $2.00. If she goes back we might become yarn smugglers. The Burns Girl Yarn Cartel. Just a thought…

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