Sock Machine

I have been trying to churn out socks like nobody’s business. Two of the kids I nanny for turned 7 this past weekend and requested socks. I was right on track making them, but suddenly added two more socks to the mix and now I am behind. Eek. There are two twin girls and a boy who is 2 years older, which is the same lineup with my family–younger twin girls and a two year older sibling. So naturally, being the older sibling I have a soft spot for the non-twin who also requested socks…so four socks turned into six pretty quickly. I was hoping to bring the finished socks to their party yesterday but I couldn’t make it happen. I should be able to have them done by tomorrow, and hopefully there will be three happy kids to go along with the socks.


I used my normal top down flap and gusset recipe for these socks, but cast on 52 instead of my normal 64. They have skinny little legs. I used Plymouth Neon sock yarn which isn’t the softest but it should be durable and it is super fun. I made my boyfriend a pair with the same yarn and he gets lots of comments and probably side eye looks when he wears them at work. They are bright. And pretty in your face.wpid-dsc_0454.jpg

I have other sock plans in the making. I got the Fish Lips Kiss heel pattern and am itching to give them a try. I bought some Knit Picks Felici in the last order I put in–they were $2 a ball! A stripey blue that is a bit of a departure from my usual color scheme, and a Christmas color pair that I am pretty jazzed about. The colors look kind of vintage-y . I think I will start on the blue pair and test out the new heel method–which shouldn’t interrupt the stripe pattern. I also have plans to try to dye a skein of sock yarn with self-striping repeats. We’ll see…
wpid-dsc_0455.jpgMy mom also requested a pair of ankle socks for her birthday. I am happy to oblige, and bought some beautiful Alpha B sock yarn from my LYS in the colorway Pendleton Round-Up. It is a bit more pink and less brown than it shows up in the photo. It was originally destined to be socks for her but it is so pretty and you only turn 50 once so I decided I would make her socks, but that I would also make a shawl. I cast on for the Metallurgy Shawl with the Alpha B yarn and will make her some socks out of some other yarn. I couldn’t help it.



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