Cast On Fever

I spent the last week and a half in Idaho guiding raft trips and seeing friends. While we were there the weather was perfect, and aside from getting absolutely annihilated by mosquitoes, it was a really great trip. I brought a pair of socks with me to knit but I did zero knitting on them until the ride home, when I decided I didn’t like them and ripped them out to start over…really productive. I think because I didn’t knit much on my trip I have had the urge to cast on everything since.






I have no less than 6 (knitting) projects going right now. Two of those are long-term projects–a beekeeper ‘ s quilt and a sort of bizarre  reindeer backpack. So maybe they don’t count but considering I really only had one other project before I left it seems crazy.





I have two pairs of socks begun, both with Plymouth Neon yarn which is super fun. The pink ones I started for myself in the Jaywalker pattern but that is the one I ripped out. They seemed really tight and I get easily distracted with socks that have a pattern…so vanilla socks they became. The greenish pair are for one of the girls I nanny for. Another pair in pink will follow. Twin girls with birthdays at the end of the month, who have been begging for crazy socks and I am more than happy to oblige.

wpid-dsc_0406.jpg   wpid-dsc_0409.jpg


I started a Vasa shirt with some crazy colors of Knit Picks Palette I have left from a sale. I think each ball was under $2.00 so this will be a cheap shirt. It is a super easy pattern, just two rectangles knit and seamed together in clever spots. I modified it to knit in the round, and I am doing stripes willy-nilly which is fun and pretty entertaining. Turns out I am easily entertained.


The last short term-ish project I have going is a Featherweight Cardigan with a few mods. I am using Malabrigo Lace in Glazed Carrot (which is both a great name and an equally delicious side dish) and I love the color. Orange is my thing. And it’s a cheap sweater, which is also my thing. I bought three skeins just in case, and each was about $10, but I think I will be able to finish it with less than two. $20!

I was knitting on this like a crazy person before I left, but knitting single ply, lace weight merino with sweaty hands in 100+ degree weather must be some form of torture resurrected from the Middle Ages. This is the first sweater I have made considerable mods on. I put a lace panel up the back and knit it a few inches longer than the pattern calls for. I finished the body and one sleeve, and need to finish the other sleeve and the collar. Once it drops below 95 and my air conditioner stops sounding freakishly like my panting dog I will finish it up.




I also put in a pretty intense knit picks order…I have wanted to try dying yarn for a while so I bought some dye and bare yarn. I am hoping to give it a shot this weekend! I also ordered some cotton to make wash cloths for some weddings I am attending this summer, and a linen cotton blend that I am hoping to design a shirt with!   When that comes in I will probably have a few more projects to add to the list. Oops.


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