Stolen Kit

As I mentioned in the last post, my sister Sam originally asked me to make her the Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy, but I thought the size of it might overwhelm her because of the amount of ease written into the pattern. So like any good sister, I kept the pattern for myself. And I knit it for myself. And I like it.


Apologies for the sorta washed out photo. I have some things to learn about photography, and so does the 6 year I nanny for who may or may not have taken this picture. Pretty good for 6.  I love the way this turned out. It fits perfectly, I knit the 39 inch size so it has about 3-4 inches of ease on me which is spot on. If it fit any more loosely it would be too much. It was a fun knit, it really went pretty quickly. I used a size 3 needle which is the recommended size, and my gauge was a hair off.  I probably should have sized down to a 2 but alas I don’t own one and I am what some may call cheap. I prefer frugal. There is a pretty noticeable change in the linen stitch on the bodice when I switched from knitting in the round to knitting flat. I prefer the look of it knitted flat but I couldn’t get my stitches to match it in the round. Oh well. The whole top has a bit of a bias to it which seems to be a result of knitting with linen.


What I really love is the back…it’s what hooked me on the design in the first place. Linen stitch sure does look pretty in linen. There’s probably a technical reason why it’ s called the linen stitch but I think it’s because they just look darn good together. When I knit it the back panel seemed to pucker because that’s where the decreases sit, but it smoothed out when I blocked it.

The one thing I am not thrilled on is the placement of the straps. They are too wide, I am considering ripping back to the decreases on the bodice and decreasing an extra half inch or so on each size. It just sits really wide on my shoulders and the straps want to fall down. If I am feeling ambitious that might happen….if not I have a pretty good looking shirt anyway.



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