Tank Top Trifecta


I’ve got twin sisters who recently had birthdays, and I wanted an excuse to knit a couple tanks I had my eye on. I loved all the tops from Quince & Co’s Sparrow Sans collection and really wanted to knit with linen. I think Quince & Co puts out the most patterns of any company that I instantly love. I have been staring at their patterns and yarn for a while so I was excited when my sister Emily said she wanted me to knit Saco Stripes for her. I ordered three skeins of Sans and one of birch to make her the 30.5 size.

Me obnoxiously modeling

I gave my sister Sam a couple choices that I thought she might like and she went instantly for the Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy (whose designs I also seem to gravitate toward). The great thing about knitting for my sisters is that they are tiny, so it is cwpid-dsc_0175.jpgheap to knit for them. My sister Sam is so small though that it looked like the smallest size would overwhelm her, so she decided on the Stoxa Tank instead. I bought some Shibui Staccato from my LYS, which is a merino silk blend.

Since I liked Kit so much…I decided to make it for myself. I just so happened to order enough linen from Quince to make one. Funny how that happened. I got the Banyon colorway which is a little bit of a branch out for me but I love the way it ended up. I will put some pictures up when I can take them.

Not knitting sleeves made these go so quickly. I think I enjoyed knitting the Stoxa Tank the most, the lace repeat made it go really quickly and the yarn is beautiful.

The twins’ tops are in the mail… I’ll do a post for each one with some better pictures once I get some of everyone in their tops!


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